The Foundation Files: Estee Lauder Maximum Cover

Every now and then I go into the Vault and have a rummage for you good people, and to remind myself what’s actually in there. And every now and then I come up with an absolute treasure – this is one of those times.

I bought this foundation aaaaaages ago in London, and for some reason it just never made it into my kit – space issues probably. So I tried it the other day and … just, wow. A tiny little bit goes a very long way, and it just melts into the skin – you hardly need to rub it in at all. It’s a heavier finish foundation than I usually like (you might have noticed my preference for fairly light, fluid and light reflective foundations before), but as I only use this foundation for spot coverage, it doesn’t matter that it’s a heavier weight.

When I started Googling Estee Lauder Maximum Cover there were rumblings on the internet that it was about to be discontinued. NOOOOO! Not after I have just re-discovered it (although to be fair I have four large tubes of it, and since one tiny dab will do your whole face, they should last me a good long while).  So I checked with Estee Lauder and you’ll all be relieved to hear that it hasn’t been discontinued, but it has been reformulated as it will now be one of the Double Wear foundations. Which makes sense as once that sucker is on it ain’t going anywhere. This has to be one of the longest wearing foundations I have ever tried, staying on through a whole day’s sweaty testing whilst I ran around and did a zillion errands. It’s actually supposed to be water proof, but I’ll be honest and say I haven’t tested it out in a beach or pool environment yet – but I will, oh I will. Perhaps that might be a good experiment for the new re-formulation of it, to see how it stacks up when faced with the elements? Oh I love to have projects!

This is really a hardcore foundation as it was originally formulated to cover birthmarks, scars, marks from acne and the like – so if this is something that you struggle to cover with regular foundation and concealer, it’s well worth checking out, as it provides SERIOUS coverage whilst still looking natural (no easy feat).

The only thing that is a downfall to this foundation is the colour range, which I think is a bit limited – five shades in all, and all very much on the pink/Caucasian side. However if this is your colouring, this is an incredible foundation. Uber makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury loves this guy and has used it extensively for years, which is why I originally tried it. I like to use it as a spot concealer, just where needed, instead of a full face of foundation. This one’s a keeper.

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10 Replies to “The Foundation Files: Estee Lauder Maximum Cover”

  1. Thanks for this tidbit. I just checked it out, and £25 is really worth while to have in your kit if it doesn’t require much as you said. According to the website it is even good for body! Reckon with it’s longwearing formulations that this will work well on brides? Or does it photograph weirdly thanks to the SPF 15? Mucho gracias! x

    1. I haven’t tried it on a bride yet – in fact just on myself, as it’s only just made it back into my kit. I think it should photograph fine as Charlotte Tilbury used it on shoots for years.

  2. Hi there.
    According to this information, the product it is god not only for face, but also for body.I guess your skin will look more shiny after using this product.

    1. I would probably recommend using it only as a spot concealer (for scars or marks) on the body as it is quite thick. A good body foundation for a thin veil of cover is MAC Face and Body foundation.

  3. hi. which foundation would you recommend above all you know to cover blemishes ? this one? and combined with which concealer and powder? thanks

    1. I don’t recommend foundation for blemishes – I recommend a good concealer, like Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage concealer. Use a lightweight foundation (which really depends on your skin tone and whether it is oily etc – good brands to try are Chanel, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, Becca and MyFace) and then go back into your blemishes with a good concealer that comes in a compact, like the Laura Mercier, with a fine tipped brush. It is more time consuming but it’s the best way. If you have your heart set on a full coverage foundation, I like Bobbi Brown and Becca’s stick foundation. My favourite loose powder is Laura Mercier’s. As always unless I met you in person it’s hard to give you exact advice, but this is generally what I say to people with this question. Happy shopping!

    2. PS I do like the Estee Lauder Maximum Cover as well as it does cover redness and gives good coverage, but I wouldn’t recommend using it all over your face as a full foundation as the coverage would be a bit heavy. Check the colour is right for you as well, it only comes in a few shades.

  4. thanks for the tips. the laura mercier concealer you refer is the one that comes in two colors and square box (secret camouflage)or the secret camouflage concealer (in a circular container)?

    1. Yes, the two colour one – that’s Secret Camouflage and is great for spots. The other in the round pot is Secret Concealer and is for under the eyes.

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