Bag It: Dior Beige Massai

Dior Beige MassaiThis is officially my favourite eyeshadow set at the moment, and it’s been in my kit so long that it’s the old enamel blue and black stripes (and that’s old! I think I bought it pre-2000) and it’s still getting cracked out on a regular basis.

Why so good? Well it has the perfect nutmeg brown for starters, which has a slight bit of shimmer but only a touch (the other four shadows are matte). It has a cream, which I never use but hey at least it’s there if I ever need to do – well, a cream color, a gorgeous matte peach which has just the right amount of blue to it, not too coppery, an almost wine color which is lovely on blue and green eyes mixed with the brown, and my other fave, a mustard-y camel color which is just the wrong shade of tan to be oh so right.

They’re gorgeous mixed together or used separately but they are a kit staple, so for me it’s BAG IT!

4 Replies to “Bag It: Dior Beige Massai”

  1. Hi Christabel,

    do you happen to know if/when this will be re-released? And under what name? I heard some talk of a relaunch, I so regret not getting it earlier!

    Anna X

    1. Oh wow is it no longer available? That is such a shame as it’s a beautiful palette, such a staple in my kit. Dior will probably release something similar – or you could try EBay, nothing is ever really discontinued with eBay!

  2. I too heard it’s being re-launched and I’m HANGING by the seat of my pants for it to happen! I’m in Australia and cannot get my hands on this palette – I can’t stop thinking about how much I want it, it’s driving me crazy! haha! Come on Dior – share the love again!!!

    1. I’m sure they’ll bring it back, or something very similar. It’s possibly the best brown eyeshadow palette ever – so versatile. Tell me if you find out it’s available again, mine is in shreds I’ve used it so much!

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