Santa’s Little Helper – The Makeup Gift Guide

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This year I am tardy with my Christmas post – but that’s because I’m tardy with my Christmas shopping. After I write this, I have to sit down and figure out a time when I’m going to get my shopping done as with shoots and prepping for various jobs it’s all been a bit hectic of late. But finally I have my eyes on a few goodies that I thought you might like to hear about as well.

What Santa could bring in his sack for me this year:

NARS Holiday – This is probably my pick of the season and has me more excited than I’ve been about a new collection in a while. At first glance I thought – nice, but not that exciting. Don’t let these little Christmas crackers fool you – they are the type of rich, complex colours that NARS does (I think) better than any other brand on the market. Colours that once you have them you don’t know how you lived without them, and that no other brand does. This is why (like Orgasm and Jungle Red) they rapidly become iconic cult beauty items. Anyway, I digress – why you need some new NARS this Christmas:

Multiple in G-Spot – At first I thought I had a colour pretty similar to this with Malibu, an old but much loved favourite NARS Multiple of mine. But no, this is Malibu’s sweeter teenage sister, more pinky-raspberry and flecked with gold. Even in my two boxes of blushers in the Vault I don’t have anything like this. Gorgeous on cheeks and lips and I fell in love with it on a recent shoot.

Cream eyeshadow in Ponderosa – my stand out colour from this collection. Rich black bronze with a purplish sheen to it, I love this as a liner or as a base for a smoky eye. NARS cream eyeshadows aren’t cheap but they are lovely and the colours are amazing. I have quite a few and I use them a lot – this is my new cream eyeshadow obsession.

Stila Dream Catcher eye shadow palette – Almost too pretty to use, this palette contains 35 different eyeshadows, including the top seller Kitten. In fact, this palette inspired a dream about Jeanine Lobell, the creator of Stila back in the 1990’s when I first got addicted to the brand. (And yes, I am aware that it is quite scary that I dream about other makeup artists but you can’t accuse me of slacking off when I sleep. Top UK makeup artist Lisa Eldridge has also blogged about this beautiful eyeshadow palette for Xmas, and I love it a) as it’s as beautiful as a work of art and b) it’s super-handy for work as I can have it on my work table and dip into it when I’m in a hurry and need a colour quickly, without rummaging through all my palettes. You could not go wrong with this one, there are colours for everyone.

Stila Lip Glaze set – This little number actually made me drool – a box of 8 Stila Lip Glazes in mouthwatering lipgloss colours. Pinks, peaches, luminous milky creams – yum, yum yum. Stila is back on my radar of late after a bit of a hiatus (although a constant devotion to their divine cream blush Convertible Colours is always at MM HQ).

Jonathan Ward Candles – I first came across JW Candles through the incredible British Beauty Blogger in London – this lady has introduced me to more makeup finds than Vogue, and these beautiful bespoke organic paraffin-free soy candles are no exception. This year I would give (and happily receive!) J W Candles in White and Verte as they are so chic and eco-friendly. They are available in the UK at Selfridges and in Australia through http:.//

Tom Ford – Right Santa, just back the truck up, that little sack of yours is not going to cut the mustard as I will be needing all, I repeat ALL of the Tom Ford collection. The whole thing please, (including brushes and skincare). I have yet to find a dud product in this new line that has breathed life into an occasionally jaded product junkie.

Aesop Gift Boxes – this year I’ll be snapping up the Celestial Mechanics set as it contains my favourite products – Fabulous Face Cleanser, B&T Balancing Toner (the only toner I like), Camellia Nut Facial Hydrating Cream and Primrose Facial Cleansing Masque. Plus the box that they come in are the greatest thing for your makeup kit. As in ever. You cannot have too many of those!

Kiehl’s is a brand of skincare that I love and I’m well aware that it’s not been getting the MM love that it deserves (more on Kiehl’s in 2012). My pick of their gorgeous Christmas sets is the Holiday Icons set, which includes Kiehl’s Crème de Corps body moisturiser (which I use on celebs and for serious body shoots), the Kiehl’s Number 1 Lip Balm and the Ultra Facial Cream which is my go-to basic cream in my kit for normal skin.

NARS and Stila are available in Australia through Mecca Cosmetica, and in the UK through Space NK,
Tom Ford is available at David Jones in Australia and Selfridges in London.


Santa’s Little Helper – The Makeup Gift Guide

I had my whole Christmas post based on a clip of Will Ferrell in Elf, but unfortunately Warner Brothers in their absolute wisdom have decided you can’t embed the clip in a post. So if you feel so inclined, please check it out on YouTube here.

Just because it’s probably the best Christmas movie of all time, and possibly also the best Will Ferrell moment ever committed to celluloid (with perhaps, the exception of his Jazz Flute solo in Anchorman, but that’s for anther post), I couldn’t resist adding this video of Buddy the Elf showing how he feels about Santa. And it’s how I feel about Santa too if he’s going to bring me the following:

Nars D. Lovely Lip Gloss CoffretNARS D. Lovely Lipgloss Coffret – Eight of these sweet little nothings (most of which I don’t already have). Yes please. There’s something about mini Christmas makeup that brings out my worst makeup acquisitiveness.

Estee Lauder Signature Hydra Lustre Lipsticks – Five beautiful lipsticks in shades of berry and wine, which is my pick for the upcoming season. Nobody does lippie like Estee Lauder.

Chanel Holiday – Everything. That is all.

Illamasqua BladesIllamasqua Blades – ‘cause they’re amazing. And if you can’t get your freak on at Christmas, when can you?

Laura Mercier mini brushes – I’ve said it before, but Christmas is a great time to get your sticky paws on lovely brushes. These are my pick for 2010.

Ellis Faas – Winter Glow Gift Set – I love Ellis’ products, and these are three of her bestsellers together – Creamy Lips in Ellis Red (a seriously decadent and perfect red lipstick), Ellis Eyes Light in holographic Bordeaux green, and black mascara. Perfect.

Mini Bobbi Brights palette – Because it’s just so dang cute! Like candy for your face. Yum.

Mini Bobbi Brights PaletteUrban Decay 24/7 Jackpot pencils – I bought last year’s version of this set and they sold me on these pencils. They don’t move and the colours are gorgeous. Plus they’re shiny. And Christmas is shiny!

SKII – It’s £130 a jar but it’s a solid weight of SKII moisture for seriously parched skin. I have no idea what’s in it but it makes your skin looks like a baby’s. Sold.

Becca Beach Tint Trio set – These are an MM fave from way back. They could make even a corpse look gorgeous.

Benefit Bad Gal regular and Plum – This new mascara in my arsenal does give serious volume. One in Black and one in Plum (which looks great on every eye colour). No one will be safe at your office Christmas party with lashes like these.

Santa’s Little Helper – MAC A Tartan Tale

Mac Tartan Christmas CollectionMAC have just released their Christmas collections which are, quite frankly, always worth waiting for. This year is no exception with A Tartan Tale, packed to the brim with tiny, bite-size makeup goodies that make you want to go on a spending spree to end all spending sprees.

What I like about the MAC Christmas sets (apart from the super cute packaging) is for a makeup artist, they are a great (excuse?) chance to stock up on miniatures for your kit. The glitter, pigment and gloss sets are all a fab way to expand your kit, because, let’s face it, how often do you use that acid yellow glitter pigment? Maybe a couple of times a year. Does that mean you shouldn’t have it in stock? Hell no! What kit isn’t complete without a whole range of bonkers glitters and pigments, and MAC at Christmas is the perfect place and time to stock up. Plus as it is Christmas it’s a great chance to put the hard word on your nearest and dearest and explain the dire consequences of you going YET ANOTHER YEAR without your acid yellow glitter pigment. A scary thought, I know.

Their brush sets are also a great way for aspiring (and working!) makeup artists to expand their brush collections – and we all know you can never have too many brushes, don’t we? MAC’s brushes are very comprehensive, great quality and reasonably priced, so now’s the time to get your kilt on and check out A Tartan Tale.