In My Makeup Kit: Clinique Cheek Pop Blush

model with strong blush makeup


So there’s a new blush in town and it’s gorgeous, bright and perfectly pigmented. It’s the new Clinique Cheek Pop blushes, and I discovered them on a job recently with makeup artist Florrie White, who is the Clinique UK Colour Artist.

Clinique has always been dear to my heart as it was the first brand that I really fell in love with, and even had a slight obsession with (obsessive about makeup, me? Never!) I loved their mint green packaging, their hypo-allergenic ethos (in a time before every second person had an allergy to something, so they were well ahead of their time) and their iconic 3 Step skincare system.

Florrie kindly showed me all the new Clinique products that have just launched, and are just about to launch, and let me tell you, there are some crackers that I am very keen to get in my kit. But the one I loved the most is the Clinique Cheek Pop Blush. It’s a powder blush that comes in great, super flattering colours, but it has a finish almost like a cream as it’s so finely milled.

I’ve been finding I’ve been using a lot of cream blushes recently as I don’t like it when it looks like blush and sits on the skin. Clinique Cheek Pop solves this as you need hardly any on your brush to get the right, natural looking density of colour. It’s almost fool-proof.  And because it’s a powder, not a cream, you get a lot more longevity from it. It also has great shades for dark skin tones. I have (and love) the pink one, Pink Pop, and I’m planning on getting more.

Since blush is coming back in a big way (once we can all be done with this ridiculous contouring trend), I feel my blush bag might be needing some love in the near future. Stay tuned for more adventures in Blush Land.*

*not a real place

Clinique Cheek Pop blush

In My Makeup Kit: Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Powder

Chanel Les Beiges

When you’re a makeup artist, every now and then it’s time to give your kit a good clear-out and find room for some of the beautiful new products (and colours, and textures) that have been released recently. I say “clear-out” because if you just keep adding new collections to your standard “can’t do without it” kit, pretty soon you’re overloaded like a pack horse on a trip across the Andes – and that way lies certain injury and then many, many Pilates classes and physio to correct it.

So I’ve just been stockpiling my new goodies for the season until I had a day off and could sort everything out, weeding out the colours from last season and stuff I haven’t been using, and making room for some new lip palettes, some re-organised cream blush palettes, NEW eye colours (Tom Ford anyone?), and le piece de resistance, my new set of Chanel Les Beiges powder.

Let’s just preface that by saying I haven’t carried pressed powder since about 2007. I found it was extra weight in my kit when translucent loose powder would do just as well, and in addition I find most coloured pressed powders tend to cling to the skin and provide an extra layer of coverage that you don’t want. At worst the finish can look heavy and granny, at best they were extra pieces of glass and plastic and powder that I was carrying around in an overloaded kit. So when I got the chance to try the new Chanel Les Beiges Healthy powder, I was a bit dubious since every coloured pressed powder I had so far tried, I hadn’t much liked as they added colour throughout the day when you re-apply on set (there are probably others that don’t but I haven’t tried them).

Les Beiges is bloody fantastique – I like to call it ‘Complexion Perfection’. I have been using it on myself religiously for the last couple of months and it’s bumped every powder I own off the charts. I now have a full set to put in my kit so I will be able to powder, contour and provide VERY soft bronzing to pretty much any client I come across.

It’s hard to describe, as it’s just not like anything else I have ever tried. It provides a very soft focus finish to the skin yet eliminates any greasy finish or oily look to the skin with a very minimal application. Even if you grab the first brush you can find and really swipe it on, it doesn’t seem to overload and get powdery. You can EVEN (gasp) use the brush that Chanel have provided with it, and swipe it on with that and you get a perfect finish, every time. Also it seems to last hours and just make your skin look exactly the right level of radiance – not dewy or shiny, but perfectly healthy. You can re-apply during the day without the colour building and making you look like something out of Miami Vice, but most days I don’t find it necessary to re-apply.

You can use the deeper colours as a contour. It’s PERFECT as a soft and very natural bronzer for the very fair complected as it’s sort of peachy and not terracotta or orangey-bronze, and it’s not shimmery. I’ve been testing this for ages and ages (easily two months) as I just wanted to make sure that I was right, and it is actually that amazing. I’ve been telling all my clients about it and all I can say is it’s pretty much changed my powder life.

Now I just need to get it in my kit…

Australian readers will be happy to know that Chanel Les Beiges will be on-counter at David Jones, Myer and Chanel boutiques from today.

In My MakeUp Kit: Tom Ford blush in Savage

Tom Ford blush

Oooh Tom Ford – I have yet to meet a piece of his eponymous makeup range that I don’t like. This blusher in Savage is an interesting one – at first I thought it would be perfect to keep on hand for doing darker skin tones (which don’t get me wrong, it still is), but when I was on a beauty shoot this week I was doing a caramel-y, warm, slightly late 70’s/early 80’s makeup look, and it was perfect.

It’s a spicy cinnamon coloured blush that is VERY pigmented, (so you need to go easy on the application), but it’s given me back a love of blush. I’ve been a bit off blush for a few seasons now, generally sticking to contours and bronzers and the nude sort of tones that are really more ‘Why Bother?’ than blush. But this sweet little Tom Ford goody has brought back how much I do love a good blush – placed just so on the apple of the cheeks it can make you look more than healthy, it can make you look glamorous, vital, alive. And when done JUST RIGHT (Tom Ford’s Savage, I am talking to YOU) it can make you look like a young Brooke Shields in her original Calvin Klein commercials. In another word – hot like 1981.

Tom Ford Beauty is available at selected David Jones’ stores in Australia, Harrods in London and Neiman Marcus in the US.


Right Now: MyFace Paradisio Pink blush

myface cosmetics blusher

This is SUCH a gorgeous colour. It’s a soft, baby pink that is unlike anything else I have in my kit. Close cousins would be NARS Mata Hari (but Mata Hari is paler) or Illamasqua’s Hussy (but Hussy is brighter). Paradisio Pink is just the perfect flush of face brightening pink. Kay Montano uses it regularly on Claudia Schiffer, who always looks pretty great in the face brightening blush department.

I do love a bit of MyFace – it’s a stand-alone fabulous makeup collection, and then add in the price point (I think this blush is £9.99, which is just unbelievable!) and you can’t go past them. Certainly there is nothing else in the High Street that compares to it, in my opinion. (Revlon is good too but I’m afraid their foundations let them down – I’ve reviewed the MyFace MyMix foundation before, and it’s amazing).

I also love the way they’ve broken down the makeup categories into Fair, Medium and Medium Dark, so even the most un-makeup savvy person can choose colours that will end up on their face, and not stuck at home in some drawer. Everyone needs the perfect pink blush, and this is it for me right now.