The Foundation Files: Burberry Powder Foundation

I am LOVING this powder foundation. Let me say right off the bat that I have never been a powder foundation fan, but this guy has made me change my mind in a big way. It is so lightweight and sheer with super finely milled pigments, and it’s the perfect option for everyday when you just don’t have time. It is a gorgeous, heavy compact – truth be told a little too heavy for me to cart around in my handbag, but since I have a car I can just toss it in my makeup bag in the car (the car can handle its luxurious heaviness better than my shoulders.)

I don’t use powder foundations in my makeup work, as my favourite way to perfect the skin will always be liquid foundation and concealer, and when you add powder foundation on top of that it can look a bit cakey and old-fashioned – always the fear with too much powder. However my Burberry Powder Foundation (in Trench, don’t you know) is the perfect colour for my skin and provides a veil of coverage on those days when I don’t have more than 30 seconds for makeup – which does happen more often than I would like! I also do use it as light powder over Myface MyMix foundation sometimes when I’m going out at night – the Myface MyMix foundation is so light that sometimes it can do with a little coverage boost, which is when my Burberry comes into play. I apply with a soft powder brush, not a sponge as I think the sponge does rather take it dangerously close to Whatever Happened to Baby Jane territory.

Everything I have tried from the Burberry range so far is absolutely gorgeous – beautiful quality cosmetics that are very wearable for everyday, and with exquisite packaging. There is a reason why Burberry is one of the fastest growing luxury brands in the world! This range is what the Calvin Klein ranges (both times) wanted to be and never quite got right.

Whether this lovely foundation will encourage me to experiment with other powder foundations I’m not quite sure – all the others I have tried tend to be way too heavy and way too powdery in my opinion, but this one has humbled me. It just goes to show that there’s always room to change your mind.

Burberry Beauty is available from Harrods in London and will be on-counter at David Jones in Australia as of the 1st August.


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