Bag It – Laura Mercier Brow Powder

Oh such an old favourite. I have had these in my kit since God was a boy, and used it on practically every client who needed some eyebrow help (and baby don’t we all in these troubled times?)

Illamasqua brow brush
Illamasqua brow brush

They need a stiff brush, like the Illamasqua brow brush (sadly both the Laura Mercier brow brush, or the Chanel eyebrow brush I am currently using have been discontinued). Any of these bad boys will do the job. The beauty of the powders is that you can blend the two colors together to get just the right shade, and it comes in 5 different tones.

Laura Mercier Brow Powder
Laura Mercier Brow Powder

There is even a version for redheads which is nice for our oft-neglected russet brethren. The blonde ones have an almost green cast which is the color region you need to be in to correct blonde brows – taupe-y, ash to green. Sounds weird, but anyone who has been using blonde pencils with too much red in them will know what I mean (as one of my friends unkindly said to me in my late 1990’s, pre-makeup career, ‘Why are your eyebrows orange?”).

And the Brunette powder is a perfect dark brown with a black right next to it so you can get a little bit dramatic if you feel like it. It fills in spaces and gives strength where required. If your brows are lovely and full and don’t obviously look like they need help, put the tweezers down, and thank your lucky stars. You don’t need them.

Bag it!

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  1. Laura Mercier Brow Powder in “Ash”…any ideas *where* I can get it in UK pls…most don’t seem to stock this colour and I am not using which is Hong Kiong based to buy it…your help would be appreciated. I have also tried JLs.

    1. I’m pretty sure Laura Mercier Ash brow pencil has been discontinued. You could either try Ebay (where nothing is ever gone for good!), or could be worth trying. I have a friend who uses them often and she finds them excellent. I think Ben Nye (which you can find at theatrical shops like Screenface or Charles Fox in London) also do an ash coloured pencil.

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