A Tale of Two Cleansers – Shu Uemura Unmasked and Sisley’s Eau Efficace Gentle Makeup Remover

Although it’s been hectic of late as I’m now beauty writing for two magazines and juggling blogging and makeup (and moving house, UGH UGH UGH) I have also found time to test out not one but two new cleansers. Even better I use one in the morning and one in the evening, although both of them could easily do double duty. It takes awhile for me to test things as I like to make sure they work – some products are great the first couple of times you use them and then for some reason aren’t good with repeated usage, and I like products that are consistently good, time after time.

First off the Shu Unmasked, which I like to use in the morning. I’ve been a long-time sporadic user of the classic (and now iconic) Shu cleansing oil, first released in 1967. Its basic principle (which can sound counter-intuitive) is that it takes oil to dissolve makeup and oil effectively. The new Unmasked oil not only comes in an industrial size (450 ml), it has a gorgeous hand drawn mask on the bottle which never fails to cheer me up on my bathroom window sill.

But it’s what’s inside that I like – the oil is super light weight and silky, and I find lighter than the regular Shu Skin Purifier facial oil or the Aesop Fabulous Face Oil that I also use and like. I wasn’t expecting to find anything radically different when I started testing the Unmasked, but it really leaves my skin feeling hydrated for hours afterwards – considering my face is pretty much permanently dry, not matter how much Astalift and Liz Earle Superskin I pile onto it, that is no mean feat. So I was very pleasantly surprised as I find many cleansers are just too drying. And since my skin is more hydrated, I then feel my skin looks less shiny later in the day (which is always a good thing. I’m sick of looking like you could hang me from the ceiling of Studio 54 and dance to disco).

And now to my second cleansing discovery! Sisley – oooh Sisley. This is a new brand on my radar of late and I have loved everything I have tried. The products feel luxurious – which they should, as they are expensive. They are also based on plant essences which I find very non-irritating. The Sisley Eau Efficace has, quite frankly, done the unthinkable – it has bumped my Crealine water out of my daily beauty routine. (Although I still use it for work). The Sisley does the job just as effectively, but I feel a little less harshly.

Also I love Sisley’s pump packaging – it’s the ultimate in no hassle for the evenings when you just CAN’T BE BOTHERED to tip a bottle of Crealine onto a cotton pad (that’s really lazy isn’t it? It’s hardly taxing). But you just press your cotton pad down onto the pump and hey presto, two swipes around the old visage and you’re done, fresh as a daisy and ready for bed.

One caveat – as I can no longer wear eye makeup (let’s all pause for a requiem there as it really is so sad, but my eyes are just still too sensitive. That’s a topic for a later post) I haven’t tried to take off hardcore mascara, or eyeliner, or big beauty looks with the Sisley. But for day to day cleansing I can totally vouch for it. Plus the big bottle lasts for ages.

So there you have it. I now have enough beautiful cleansers that make my skin look and feel amazing to last me for… well until it’s time to start testing out more new goodies.

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  1. Great post. That Sisley cleanser sounds wonderful. I use Shu skin purifier cleansing oil too ! It’s the one for dry skin (a/i). The huge bottle lasts for so long. And wait for it …. I also use Bioderma Crealine water ! The pink bottle. I’ve been using both those cleansers for years now. Almost every other cleanser leaves me with a face so tight it would crack if I moved it ! These are the only “reasonable priced” cleansers I’ve found that don’t strip my skin to a parchment paper texture. Love them both as they are life savers for me.
    You know what’s funny is…. I too hate having to pour the Bioderma onto a cotton pad. It’s too much like hard work. You have just given me a great idea !
    I must get one of those empty bottles with the pump on top like the Sisley one you mentioned. I can buy one on Ebay and fill it with Bioderma and problem solved. I got a couple on Ebay last year for putting nail varnish remover in. So handy to just press down like you said. Nothing worse than having to pour nail varnish remover onto a cotton ball.
    So glad I read your post – thank you for solving my little problem !
    Sorry to hear you can’t wear eye makeup any longer. I hope that changes for you.

    1. I’m glad I solved your problem! The pump top for cleanser is the greatest thing ever, I have to say. Sisley are quite genius coming up with it. Thanks for your kind words about my eyes – it’s soooo annoying but I’m hoping it will resolve in time. At least I get to live vicariously by putting makeup on other people I suppose!

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